Why? Because I believe that with the help of bright colors, big passions, and bold patterns we can play our way to a kinder, stronger, better world. Together.

Designing brand identities, patterns, and illustrations is about so much more than making something look pretty or easy on the eye. There’s no point in style if there’s no substance behind it. I focus on bringing the “best of both” to all of the brand identity and surface design projects I work on.

Style and substance.

Strategy and creativity.

Professionalism and playfulness.

My strategy-first, design-second approach is the only way to bring a vision to life in a unique and unforgettable way that both stands out and stands the test of time. That’s what makes designs unmistakable. 

And unmistakable design has the ability to turn heads, change moods, transform bottom lines, and level-up brand positioning like nothing else. 

Undiscovered imagination + the color palette are my favorite places to play — and you’re invited to join me.

co-founder & strategist
Root + River

Emily Soccorsy

Jen's process of understanding the brand of our start-up from the heart out, then collaborating on a mood board, then providing designs that reflected all she had learned about us was impressive. She is a listener, an intelligent and intentional designer, and a skilled, modern marketer who combines her mind and art to achieve design greatness. Her work is thorough, thoughtful, beautiful and impactful. I am not easily impressed.

my values

Do good in the world


Advocate being different


Strive to work passionately

Work Ethic

Encourage understanding


Inspire the heart


When I started my studio 11 years ago, I focused on design that looks great + does good. These days, that focus remains, and I’m one of the only people who specializes in both impactful brand design and surface design (patterns and illustrations for products). My work has graced screens all over the world and seen the shelves of Target, Minted, and Petsmart. 

Every project is a privilege. And I’m here to build my own creative legacy by helping others build theirs.

When I’m not doing that, you’ll find me playing or doing art projects with my kids, binge watching shows with my husband, doing what I can to support environmental sustainability, equal rights and ending gun violence, and caring for my collection of succulents. Seriously, they’re my spirit plants!

My parents joke that in preschool I was considered “advanced in coloring,” which makes sense given my adult obsession with design, colors, and the meanings behind both. (I could nerd out about it all day!)

All my favorite things when I was growing up involved creativity and helping others, especially young people. My mom was an executive director for a non-profit and she was an incredible role model for me. I volunteered all the time, became a mentor for Big Sister for Big Sisters when I was 20, and worked at a playhouse to design costumes and sets.

My life has always contained this thread of inspiring creative confidence and helping people express their true essence visually. Now that’s what I do for businesses. 

I’m Jen Pace Duran and, like you, I turned my passion into my purpose.

Worried about making design decisions? Please don’t! Capturing your essence can only be achieved from true collaboration. I’m here to listen, guide, and make recommendations based on my expertise, not simply design what’s in your head, give you tons of options, and place the burden of “knowing what’s best” on you.

No. 1
A Collaborative Relationship

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No. 2
An Exceptional Work Ethic

You want someone who just gets it and who also takes the time to understand you and your big goals? That’s me. This isn’t a quick fix or a process based on trends. My work ethic means I go above and beyond to strategically uncover what’s delightfully different about your business and deliver designs so unique and you-infused that you could never have dreamt them up. 

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I’m your all-in partner on a project, which means you’ll always know exactly what the process is, what I need from you, what I’m working on, and what to expect next. My clients consistently tell me that my ability to effectively communicate throughout a project is one of the things they love most about working together. You’ll never have to “just check in” with me!

No. 3
Constant Communication

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You bring your whole bright, driven self to the work you do and that naturally inspires others. I’m just the same. My enthusiasm for your mission will come through in the work I do for you, and that makes it easy to collaborate, bounce ideas off each other, and create something delightfully distinctive.  

No. 4
Bucketloads of Passion
and Enthusiasm

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If you’re looking for a minimalist style or neutral color palette, we’re probably not going to be the best fit! But if a playful style and bright colors are up your street, I’ll meet you there. I also nerd out over color psychology, so I come at color through the lens of what will make your ideal customers feel, think, and act a certain way. 

No. 5

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Doing good in the world starts and ends with kindness. I believe that wholeheartedly. When we work together, yes we will be professional partners, but we should also feel like two friends working towards a common goal. Making a difference by making a statement. 

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What to Expect from a Design Partnership with me.

co-founder & strategist
Root + River

Justin  Foster

Jen is a very talented designer. As an artist and surface designer, her designs are engaging, clean and beautifully rendered. She takes the time to really know you inside and out – in order to create visuals that reflect your brand today and for the future.

Breathe some brilliant
brightness into my brand

Everything from your logo, colors, and fonts to your business cards 

Next-level brand identity design and creative direction for small businesses wanting to play BIG.

Brand Design

Make my physical product look fun + irresistible

Everything from stationery, giftware and books to textilesand toys

Custom patterns and illustrations for products making a positive difference in the world.

Surface  Design

Not only do I bring more than a decade of design experience to the table, I also bring artistic attention to detail. The smallest details matter to me. And the brand identities, patterns, and illustrations I create feel like art because so much purpose + passion go into the process. 

You play to your strengths, I’ll play to mine, and we can both make a noteworthy impact on the world. 

Pick your path and let’s dive in!

You, your business, and your product is one-of-a-kind.
Your design should be too.