That’s where Brand Yourself Brightly comes in.

Hard work, insatiable energy, and your current branding got you to where you are. But when that branding no longer communicates your mission or appeals to your ideal customer, it’s time to design a bright new direction and style a bold new story — one that’s not only going to change a few lives, it’s going to change the world.   

A business that isn’t quite sure of itself yet because the logo looks more DIY than polished pro (hey, no shame if you did actually do it yourself, we all start somewhere!)

An indistinct brand aesthetic that doesn’t reflect your unique personality or perspective, so you’re getting overlooked instead of booked even though you KNOW you have just as much, if not more, to offer than the businesses with the perfectly branded social feeds and websites

A collection of visual assets that feel scattered + confused instead of strategic + cohesive, so rather than feeling excited by the visual representation of your life’s work, you’re embarrassed by it

Let me guess. When you speak to someone face-to-face, your passion for what you do pours out of you like a waterfall. It’s easy for the person opposite to get a strong sense of what your brand is about and feel your excitement — and that sparks excitement in them!

But what about when you’re not in front of someone and your visuals have to tell the story for you? (As is the case so much of the time now.)

Are they telling the emotionally-evoking story of the company leading change? Or are they telling a different story, somewhere along the lines of...

Your story + my style + a smart strategy = BRAND MAGIC

Karli Cadel Photography

Karli Cadel

“Jennifer is a dynamic designer who understands the beauty and business of branding. Through her thoughtfulness and artistry, she crafts a visual presence for her clients that speaks to who they are in an eye-catching and authentic way. What I love about working with Jennifer is that process is as important as product. She is a highly skilled, versatile designer who takes time to learn about her client’s passion, purpose, and demographic. The experience of working with her is insightful, exciting, and collaborative.”

You’re clear on your change-making business strategy and beautiful vision and you know it’s time for the way your brand looks to do it all justice

You understand the importance of a strategy-first, design-second approach, because that’s how brands that last are built

You want to invest in a professional whose communication and time-keeping skills are as strong as her design skills, who has a clear, strategic, collaborative process, and a heap of happy clients

You’re a driven dreamer who’s ready to play bigger and have fun doing it at my Design Playground :)


You want to breathe new life into your brand so it perfectly captures your essence and hooks your ideal clients by the heart

You want an unmistakable visual identity that’s the perfect blend of playful and professional, so it stands out to the right people in the right way

You want a cohesive collection of brand assets that you don’t just like, you love, so it’s natural to share them with confidence and excitement 

In today’s distraction-filled world, brands designed with care and strategic intention aren’t nice-to-haves. They’re essentials. Brand Yourself Brightly is the perfect match for you if:

Brand Yourself Brightly is my signature brand identity + creative direction process for passion-fueled businesses ready to strategically level-up their look

This signature process typically takes around 8 weeks, and if you’d like additional assets created or you’d like design support after the brand identity is designed, that can be arranged.

One of the most important parts of the process is giving you what you need to confidently and swiftly get your new visuals out into the world and keep everything congruent. Your brand style guide compiles all the elements of your new brand identity in a clear and concise pdf that explains exactly what to use and where. Perfect for sharing with people on your team. 

Curating the Brand Style Guide


The signature Brand Yourself Brightly package includes three collateral items of your choice, from business cards, to social media templates, to slide decks. I can work with you to choose the ones that would be most valuable for your business, and if you need more, we can make more! 

Designing the Collateral Assets


One the discovery stage is complete, I move on to sketching logo ideas. My job is understanding what’s the best expression of your brand’s essence, so I’m not going to give you a number of completely different ideas and expect you to know which to choose! Part of the behind-the-scenes process is creating The One logo that perfectly captures the personality and purpose of your brand in a snapshot, and then building the rest of the visual identity around it.

Designing the Core Brand Identity


This essential stage allows me to dive under the surface of your brand and understand your business vision, mission, strategy, story, goals, target market, big ideas, and goals intimately. This is about depth, because that’s the only place a truly authentic brand can be built from. You need to have a clear idea of who you are, where you’re going, and who you’re wanting to connect with. I’ll do the rest.

Discovering Your Unique Brilliance


This is a process I’ve perfected over the years so that I get the best out of you, you get the best out of me, and your ideal customers get the best out of us both! Every stage intentionally builds upon the last. 

How we’ll transform your brand from feeling like a confused blur of beige to a cohesive world of color

the process

Movement Maker

Terri Broussard Williams

Starting a personal brand is not an easy thing to do. There's so much to think through like messaging, capturing your personality and telling your mission — all visually. Jen was the perfect partner for me in this journey. The first draft was perfect! I didn't have any changes and was extremely happy that it was ready to go and out the gate. Even after delivery, Jen has been helpful in every way. 

It’s what will catapult you from one-of-many to one-of-a-kind leader in the industry.

It’s what will evoke the right emotions + actions from your potential customers. 

It’s what will make people choose you over another option, again and again. 

It’s what will translate your vision into visuals so perfectly that your brand becomes recognized and remembered. 

And perhaps most importantly, it’s what will finally give you a brand that feels like YOU. (The very best version.)

Brand Yourself Brightly is what will give you a fresh, exciting edge in the marketplace.

Your evolution of expression awaits

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