Brand Design

The Artist's Greenhouse

The goal of branding was to evoke a cozy, charming, and inspirational vibe by creating a brand identity that felt like you were stepping into a soft and sunny greenhouse. The centerpiece of the brand design is a custom-illustrated greenhouse logo. The greenhouse logo has a whimsical and playful style. There is a flower growing out of the top and a bird holding a paintbrush on top of the flower. Including a bird in the logo was important because Steph is known for her bird illustrations. The shape of the flower is also shaped like a bird’s nest, giving that part of the illustration dual purpose. The fonts in the logo have a vintage feel with a modern approach, conveying a personal and artistic touch by using vintage-inspired type layouts and adding a mix of hand-lettered and modern clean fonts. Layering elements is also a big part of the brand essence. Using natural textures, vintage papers, watercolor paper, artistic mark-making, and vintage botanical illustrations adds to the overall brand ambiance – making it feel like that charming greenhouse.

The Artist’s Greenhouse is an online community, aka a cozy place where artists can grow their business. Founder Steph Fizer Coleman helps artists make and market their art with creativity, confidence, and courage through classes, workshops, tutorials, and more.