The inspiration behind the cover design for Natalie Franke's book, Built to Belong, comes from these lines in the book – "Belonging builds us and breaks us. It molds and shapes us. It transforms our understanding of ourselves and others. It is the foundation of the human experience. Like tiles in a mosaic or musical notes in a symphony—we are separate parts of a collective masterpiece." I just kept imagining creating this "collective masterpiece" that captured the heart and soul of #communityovercompetition. I envisioned an abstract background/art piece that, as you looked closer, you would notice all the layers and details woven together in some abstract interpretation of community. 

Book Cover Design

Built to Belong

Want a peek behind the scenes of creating the art for the cover? 

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I also designed a hand-lettered Built to Belong t-shirt design to help the launch of the book.