Brand Design

Rebecca Rueth

Rebecca Rueth is a multi-passionate creative. She is an artist, surface designer, photographer, educator, coach, and mentor passionate about making the world a beautiful and inviting place without limitations and spreading awareness of the importance of the Arts in education and society. 

Project Overview
Create brand design for both Rebecca Rueth and her interview series, Designing with Intention, making sure that both designs feel like they are part of the same brand but can still stand on their own and any future sub-brands. 

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Rebecca Rueth Branding
The heart of the Rebecca Rueth brand design is an elegant handwritten script font – a representation of her personal touch on everything she creates. The double R brand mark cleverly intertwines her initials. I even incorporated her pattern work into one of the logos to craft a visual story of her artistry. 

Designing with Intention Branding
A modern and clean serif font is used for the main logo of Designing with Intention, and it perfectly complements Rebecca's main branding. The D brand mark features subtle line details that symbolize the thoughtful and deliberate nature of creativity and the creative process.