Branding Detox: 3 Signs You Need a Brand Refresh


Think of a brand design refresh as a makeover. A makeover can be invigorating and give your brand a boost of confidence that it needs. So, how do you know if your brand needs a refresh?

Here are 3 signs that will tell you that it is time:

1.    Your design needs a collateral cleanse.

Your brand design is a hodgepodge. Your collateral looks like a mishmash of trends, things your competitors are doing and just plain inconsistent. This is a clear sign you need a brand refresh. It shows that there is no strategy behind your design and that you are just throwing together different collateral pieces because you think you need them. The details within your brand collateral design need to be strategic and connect with your core values. Get specific and clarify who you are trying to attract. Cleansing your collateral of toxic hodgepodge will be an instant recharge to your brand.

2.    Your design needs a brand diet.

Your brand design can’t breathe – it is cluttered. The clutter is adding unwanted weight and causing stress. Just like having a hodgepodge of design trends in your collateral, having overcomplicated and too much “clutter” within your design is another sign that you need a brand refresh. That means it is time to simplify. Your whole visual brand needs to have a simple, beautiful and timeless approach. This will make your brand stand out in a saturated market. Look to simplify all elements of your brand design from the layout of your website to even reducing the amount of colors you are using within your design.

3.    Your logo needs a makeover.

Your logo is out-of-date. It was probably on trend several years ago, but now it looks old. But what if you still love the idea of it? Then all it needs is a little refresh. Purify your logo – keep the essence of the logo design, but look at exfoliating elements of your logo that are out-of-date. Analyze what aspects no longer reflect your values or your positioning. Even something as simple as removing a gradient fill and just using a flat color can go a long way of making an impact and give you that refresh that you need.

If you can relate to any of these signs, then it looks like you need some branding detox. Don’t know where to start? Let’s chat and I can help you filter through what areas of your brand design need a refresh.

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